5th Art

  Hi and welcome to Middle School Art! This year the 5th grade has Art class twice a week, so we can explore topics in greater depth than we do in earlier grades. We use the Core  Knowledge Curriculum (please see their website for specifics) as a starting point. Each trimester we'll have studio as well as academic activities; some highlights from last year include hand built and wheel thrown pottery, printmaking, weaving on looms, making our own Kumihimo Japanese braiding devices,and the study of the science of perspective and color. Art History will reinforce lessons from Social Studies. Remember to dress appropriately; sometimes we get messy! Grading is done on a Commendable/Satisfactory/Needs Improvement basis. All assignments have a concrete rubic and guidelines to help every student understand the concepts behind each lesson. Everyone is an artist at heart and brings his or her own individual strengths to the Art room.