8th grade assignments

Science in the popular press  8th grade assignment.

  • You are required to submit ONE current event assignment per term.
  • Find an article about science - it can be from a newspaper, a magazine, or the Internet. I have resources available in the classroom for you as well. There are many good resources for articles that are appropriate for 8th grade. Some examples are...
  • Summarize your article in one paragraph. Type or hand write neatly.
  • Identify one or more of the three domains of science the article covers and how an understanding of the domain would help someone understand the article in more depth. .The domains are biological, physical and chemical.
  • Site your article.

Your assignment should look  like this.....


Title of Article

Publication article is in

Date the article was published

One paragraph summary. You WILL be evaluated on your ability to communicate your understanding  of the content clearly and intelligently....demonstrating you have processed the article. Conclude the paragraph identifying the domain(s) of science that the article is about and how an understanding of that domain helped you understand the article.