Beverly West

I am a native North Carolinian and I matriculated through the UNC system, receiving a bachelor's degree (Public Health Education and Biology) from UNC-Greensboro and a master's degree (Public Health Education with a concentration in policy and planning) from UNC-Chapel.


Prior to coming to Woods, I worked in a variety of educational arenas,  ranging from church education departments; a health educator in a county public health department; trainer for North Carolina's first Dispute Settlement mediators; home school teacher, counselor, and administrator; substitute teacher; and tutor. I came on board with the Woods community as a second grade teacher in the fall of 2011.


My husband and I have co-pastored a church in Pittsboro since 1993, which has offered us another opportunity to serve our community and the world. Foreign and local missions has taken us across the US, to the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa.


We have two adult sons (Brenton and Aaron) who I home schooled from Brenton's second grade year. Both also graduated from North Carolina Universities (NC State and Davidson, respectively). 



I love learning, and I love teaching. I have adopted for our second grade classes, the motto, "Today and everyday, I will do my best!". My goal is to encourage, prepare, and coach each student to daily live and work to his or her optimum potential, across the board. In other words, "Strive to do your personal best on a daily basis". This not only works for my students, but it works for me as well. As a result, I've seen remarkable progress from the fall of the year, to the spring of the next year, with each class that I've taught. It makes the journey well worth my investment! I'm glad to be a part of the Woods family.