Class Registrations


Each spring, we open class registrations for a period of time on PowerSchool (HS only). This enables us to work with all student requests while creating our schedule for the next academic year. Parents and guardians also have access to the student class registration screen during this time and should discuss choices with students before submitting requests.

Once logged in to the Parent/Student Portal, click on the Class Registration link:



 Then you should see a sign-up screen with several options:








 If there is a red exclamation point , then you know that action is needed - i.e. a course must be selected. If there is a green check mark , you have either selected appropriately or can leave that choice blank. Please click on the pencil (edit) button to make your selection and note that there may be several screens of choices available:








At the bottom of the main screen you have an indication of the required number of credits, and how many you have chosen:



Hit SUBMIT when ready. It is possible to go back and make changes while the registration period remains open.