Explanations & Expectations

¡Bienvenidos al mundo hispanohablante! 

Welcome to the Spanish-speaking world.  By "world" I mean my classroom, but there will be times when we feel like we've gone to another part of the world! The following is an overview of how things work in my classes. If you have more questions, just ask.


Rules we will all follow:

1. The "Do The Right Thing" rule.  We know right from wrong. When we choose to do the right thing, everything goes smoothly and we feel safe. This includes being the best version of ourselves as we can be.


2. The Golden Rule "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."


3. The Thumper's Mama's Rule "If you can't say something nice, then don't say it at all." (Bambi)


Trivia del día ~ Calientador

(Trivia of the day ~ Warm-up) 

Part of learning a language is learning about the culture. There are specific sections in the textbooks that involve cultural aspects of the various countries. We're going to add even more to that by cover different daily cultural parts of Hispanic life.  These will be the first things we talk about each day and we'll keep track of them for future reference, conversation and extra credit opportunities.  


Everything you will do in my class will have a certain point value.  The amount of points will vary depending on the level of difficulty of the task.  At the end of the grading period, the total number of points you earned divided by the total number of points available produces your percentage grade. I will do my best to update the grades online weekly, but there is no secret system or weighted grades of any kind, so you too can do the math and know your grade at any time. 




Sample task 


Total point 



 Sample student's total  

points earned 


 Vocab quiz












Participation for the week

(Pesos de participación)



(2 pts. per day)   


Chapter test












Poem recital






Dictaion of the week







Featured Country presentation






Total points







Sample student's grade = 302 points out of a possible 335 = 302/335 = 90%


The portions of the grade that are weighted are each trimester, midterm and final exams.


Spanish I & II

Each trimester =  25%

Midterm Exam  = 10%

Final Exam       = 15%


AP Spanish/ Spanish IV/ Spanish V

Each trimester = 30%

Final exam/Tertulia = 10% 



You will always have homework.  What you do for homework will depend on what we're working on in class, how much you complete in class, whether it is a big project coming up or a vocabulary quiz. The permanent homework assignment is to study Spanish for at least 10 minutes every evening at home for levels 1 & 2, 30 minutes or more for levels like IV, V & AP.   


Absent days

On the bulletin board there is an envelope with the word "Ausente" written in Spanish. No matter what type of excused absence it is (field trip, game, sick) the fact is you did not learn Spanish that day. The form inside is what you will need to grab the first day you return from being gone.  You write your name, the days you were absent and hand it in to me. I will write down everything that you missed. You will then have a week to complete the work. The work that you will always need to make up is the actual speaking of Spanish (See “Pe$o” below). You may call my Google Voice number and leave a message in Spanish for the day(s) you are absent.


 Pe$os de Participación

Participation is a very important part in learning another language. Starting the first day of school, I will give you a "Peso" of participation. This peso will last you for the rest of the year. With this you will participate more in class, you will learn more, understand more and will be well on your way to being bilingual! These pesos are not extra points you can possibly earn, but expectations needing to be met.


Your mission: To "spend" your peso daily in order to secure your participation in this class. Your peso will be worth 2 points daily (10 pts. weekly).


Details of your mission: Every time you "spend" your peso (i.e. every time you participate) you will give the peso to me. At the end of the class period, whosever pesos I have in my hands, will receive their participation points for the day. After I "deposit" the pesos into your "bank account," I will put it in your mailbox and we will start over again the next day

Definitions of participating: 

Volunteering answers

Translating (when translation is necessary)

Coming up with an original thought/sentence in Spanish

Asking relevant questions in Spanish

Writing answers on board

Helping others in group or paired activities

Absent Days:  If you are absent (excused only), you are still responsible for spending your peso (speaking Spanish). Make an appointment with me to meet before/after school or during lunch and do one of the options listed below. All make-up participation must happen before the end of the week in which you are absent. If you are absent on a Friday, then it will be due the end of the following week. Ways of doing so are:

"Charla" Make an appointment with me before/after school or during lunch to "Chat" in Spanish. You must initiate conversation.

Select anything from my bookcase and read a paragraph aloud to me. (Only levels I & II)

Call my GoogleVoice number & leave me a message in Spanish. (Don't forget to introduce yourself)



Extra Help

If you need extra practice and/or help, make an appointment with me.  I am available during lunch. You should do this as soon as something is unclear. Do not wait until the day before the test to come for help. If I am not available (see the "Abierto/Cerrado" sign on the door), the following websites are excellent to practice your Spanish skills: