FAQ for PE & Health

What do students need to bring for every class?

#1 - Positive Attitude; #2 - Change of clothing to include clean, athletic shoes, t-shirt & shorts or sweat pants; #3 - Stick deodorant


When do students have health class?

After every major PE unit (once per term)


What will daily fitness consist of?

Cardiovascular and full range of motion warm up with resistance exercises to improve strength and flexibility, prevent injury, and enhance performance both in and out of class.


Will students do fitness testing?

Yes. New this year is the FITNESSGRAM which is being used by more than 350,000 students around the state. Students will be required to set goals and monitor their physical activity output each week to help improve their physical fitness levels. For more information look under "Helpful Links."



Other questions?

contact me directly at bmatthews@woodscharter.org