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Library of Congress - American Memory


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Smithsonian magazine online 

GMU History News Network 

NC Digital History:  NC in the early 20th century

NC Digital History:  The Great Depression and World War II

NC Digital History:  Postwar NC

Outline tool 

Fashion Through Time 

Persuasion Map 


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Citation Machine



Origins of the Cold War

Interactive Map - Cold War Europe 

The Berlin Airlift 

LearnNC - Korean War 

Truman Statement - Korean War 

NYTimes - Korean War 

Sputnik in LIFE 

Sputnik and Explorer 


JFK's Presidency

1960: The First Mass Media Election 

The Bay of Pigs Invasion

Cuban Missile Crisis

JFK Library and Presidential Museum

JFK 50



Background reading for Cuba video conference 


Nixon resources

U.S. lands on the moon


Nixon Visits China 



Ford resources

Ford Pardons Nixon

Helsinki Accords

Fall of Saigon

Whip Inflation Now


Carter resources

Iran Hostage Crisis 


Camp David Accords

Jimmy Carter - American Experience


Reagan resources

President Reagan and the Cold War: Vision and Diplomacy 

Reagan's speech that ended the Cold War 

Strategic Defense Initiative 


G. H. W. Bush resources

U.S.-Panama Crisis

Panama-Manuel Noriega

U.S. Invasion of Panama 

First Gulf War - Desert Storm


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Grolier Online Passport 

Cold War Museum 



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General Info - Time Management 


The Civil Rights Movement

Jim Crow Laws - interactive maps 

James Meredith & Ole Miss 

Freedom Summer webquest

Martin Luther King, Jr. biography 

Malcolm X biography 

Voting Rights 

1: NC Constitution of 1776

2:  NC Constitutional Convention of 1835

3:  NC Constitutional Convention of 1868

4:  15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

5:  NC Constitutional Amendments of 1900

6:  Guinn v. U.S.

7:  Voting Rights Act of 1965

8:  NC Constitution of 1971



The Vietnam War

Origins of the Vietnam War 

American Experience: Vietnam Online 

The Vietnam Wars (from Clemson University)

Timeline from LearnNC

The History Place

Vassar College Vietnam War site


Protest Movements 

A Change is Gonna Come 

Infinity of Nations 

Wounded Knee - 1890 

The Native American Power Movement  

The Equal Rights Amendment 


Stop the ERA letter 

The Good Wife's Guide 

Sheryl Sandberg:  "Why I Want Women to Lean In" 

Improving Women's Rights Around the World 

Global Issues - Women's Rights 

Bob Dylan:  Oxford Town 

Bob Dylan:  Blowing In the Wind

Bob Dylan:  The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll

Bob Dylan:  Only a Pawn in their Game

Bob Dylan:  The Death of Emmett Till

Bob Dylan's Protest Songs

Analysis of selected songs by Dylan

Bob Dylan official website 


Middle East resources

Primer on Palestine, Israel, and the Arab-Israeli conflict 

Arab Spring: A Research & Study Guide 

Unrest in the Arab World - Interactive Map 


Nixon & Watergate

Nixon & Watergate political cartoons


NC History Digital Textbook (click here)

NC History Digital Textbook - Glossary (click here)


Early NC History

Push-Pull factors: England's Flowering

Push-Pull factors: Merrie Olde England?

Amadas and Barlowe

The Lost Colony

The Columbian Exchange

DeBry engravings 

North Carolina population figures (2000)

North Carolina population figures (2008 estimates)

Hilton and Cape Fear reading


The Lost Colony

Virginia Dare and the Lost Colony: Fact and Legend

America's Lost Colony: Can New Dig Solve Mystery?

Lost Colony search goes on centuries later

Paul Green's The Lost Colony


Colonizing North Carolina 

Culpeper's Rebellion 

Diary of a Journey of Moravians 

Summary of a Report Sent to Bethlehem 

A German Immigrant Writes Home 

The life and death of Blackbeard the Pirate 

The QAR Shipwreck Project - Discovery 

The QAR - Queen's Reports Winter 2008 

Who owns the land? 

Naval stores and the longleaf pine 


An Era of War and Unrest

Edmund Fanning reports to Governor Tryon 


Women in Colonial America links

Elizabeth Sprigs letter

Elizabeth Fuller journal

Lady Randolph bio


An Era of War & Unrest

Regulation - An Address to the People of Granville County 


Trail of Tears

Interactive map

Historic Trail



NC Constitution

Constitutional Convention 1835

North Carolina Constitution 


Slavery in NC

Carolina Watchman January 7th, 1837

Reading newspapers: Advertisements


13th Amendment

The End of Slavery: The Creation of the 13th Amendment 


Class Trip

Brief video of Old Salem

Old Salem website

Grandfather Mountain photo

Grandfather Mountain website

Photos of Biltmore Estate

Biltmore Estate website


NC in the Civil War

Diary of a Tar Heel Confederate Soldier


Social studies games 

Fun games