HS Summer Opportunities

Is your child the next "Dr. Bones"?  Interested in Forensics?  Do they want to be a Doctor?  Check out these camps at Appalachian State U - for HS student... prices range from $450 - $1100 per week, residential camps.   http://conferences-camps.appstate.edu/youth-camps 
Business Leadership Institute:  http://marthaguy.appstate.edu/admission  HURRY deadline on March 15!
How about a budding Scientist?  http://www.ncfb.org/programs/ifal/ifal.cfm deadline by April 15!
How does this opportunity sound?:
The Shelton Challenge is a one-week summer experience for rising freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors in high school.  Shelton's cornerstones of values-based leadership - honesty, integrity, compassion, diversity, and social responsibility - are the foundations of the experience. The core curriculum focuses on Leadership Roles and Accountability, Team Building, Leadership Styles and Situations, Social Responsibility, Integrity as a Leader, Public Speaking, Changing Behaviors, and Goal Setting.
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