John Sheridan

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Everyone has a story to tell. Here's a little about me.


After growing up in small town Pennsylvania in the "Sweetest Place on Earth" (can you guess where?) I attended Penn State University and graduated with an Engineering degree. But my life took a few unexpected turns after graduation. First, there was the economic recession which led me to working a job in a hospital lab (ask me about the radioactive cats). Then, there were the strange job interviews (ask me about the Lego Story). Finally, I decided that math teaching was really where I wanted to focus, so I went back to school and I haven't second-guessed my career change from engineering to education at all. 


My North Carolina story is pretty straightforward...I have been teaching mathematics in North Carolina for 15 years. I taught at Northwood High School for 14 years, where I became a Nationally Board Certified Teacher, served as the Math Department Chairperson, and received the Teacher of the Year Award. Last year I taught at NCSSM, the North Carolina School of Science and Math, where I had a great time working with many outstanding teachers and students. But, budgets being what they are, I was forced to look elsewhere...and that's how I ended up at Woods. Subsequent conversations with Ms. Lee and Mr. Stewart reinforced my thinking that Woods was the right fit. I feel very fortunate that things worked out the way they did.


On a personal side, my family consists of my wife, Stacey, a UNC physician and researcher, and my 8-year old daughter, Maya, a budding roller coaster enthusiast. 


I am very happy to be joining the Woods family and am looking forward to getting to know everyone!