Kathleen St. Lawrence

 I'm excited to return to Woods Charter School for my ninth year!

After graduating from Wagner College, my teaching career began at Eagle Hill School, a small private school specifically designed for students with learning disabilities, located in Southport, Connecticut. In 1990, my husband and I relocated to Durham, North Carolina. While in North Carolina, I have worked in the EC department as a resource room teacher, a private tutor, and an EC facilitator. Last year, I accepted the position as EC Director and I am excited to begin my second year in that role!

 I firmly believe that a disability is not an inability. The joy of seeing my students succeed is what motivates me to get up and come to work every morning. I look forward to meeting students and their parents and working together to empower each student to reach their full potential.

 Please feel free to stop by room 222 with any questions or concerns regarding the EC program.