Kindergarten Curriculum

Language Arts
  1st Trimester 2nd Trimester 3rd Trimester
Print/Book Awareness Know parts of book: title, front cover, where to begin reading, move from left to right and top to bottom
Recognize where a word begins and ends, etc.
Recognize lower case letters Recognize capital letters
Phonemic Awareness Recognize and generate rhymes
Hear words in sentences
Hear syllables in words
Say word slowly to hear sounds
Hear words in longer sentences
Make new words by changing first letter in word
Make new words by changing the middle and last letter in word                                               
Phonics Recognize and produce all consonant and short vowel sounds
Recognize and generate words of these sounds                                                Name first and last letters of words
Initial sound clusters ccvc, cvcc and ccvcc (one syllable, up to 5 letters) Double consonants: ff, ss, ll
s=z (as, is, has)                                    Blend sounds vc* and cvc*
Segment sounds of vc* and cvc*
(* c= consonant, v=vowel)
Letter sounds: ch, th, sh, wh                 Letter sounds: long vowel sounds with cvce                                                  Decode two syllable words & compound words
High Frequency Words a, I, it, me, to and color words the, can, is, and, in, an, do, no, go, come and number words me, she, he, we, see, no, so, you, up and days of the week
Fluency   Read first decodeable books with support                                                 Read Level A and B books with introduction and support Read Level B books independently and Level C with support
Comprehension Verbally answer questions about the book Begin to record comprehension answers on paper Record comprehension answers on paper
Writing - handwriting Corrects hand grip with assistance
Use helping hand to hold paper
Pay attention to the starting point and direction of the letters
Write from left to right, top to bottom
Write lower case and capital letters as instructed
Begin to space words as instructed           Build endurance for writing       Maintain good posture, grip
Make continuous progress with letter formation and neatness
Write capital letters as instructed
Write letters within the lines          Build endurance for longer periods of writing
Maintain good posture, grip
Make continuous progress with letter formation and neatness    Begin sentence with a capital letter Write left to right across several lines
Writing - content Use drawing and letters to express ideas
Read own writing
Write own name                                       Use beginning sounds to write words Copy words from word wall, signs, etc.
Use  ending sound to write words
Write a few words correctly                 Use detail in drawing to convey meaning
Establish a relationship between drawing and print
Focus on a theme or topic
Can read and remember what he/she wrote
Write 2 or more sentences about theme or topic

Think of things to write about

  1st Trimester 2nd Trimester 3rd Trimester
Numbers and Operations Connect model, number and oral word 0-10
Count  objects in a set 0-10
Read & write 0-10
Share equally up to 10
Count backwards from 10          Recognize equivalence in sets & numbers 1-10                                 Estimate quantities up to 10
Connect model, number and oral word 11-20
Read & write numerals 0-20
Share equally between 2 people to 20   Count by tens to 100                                                                    Compare & order sets of #s to 20
Read & write numerals to 30
Use tally marks up to 30
Use ordinals 1st-10th
Solve problems & share solutions to problems in small groups
Complete additon and subtraction problems to 10 with manipulatives Count by twos to 30                      Counts by fives to 50  
Measurement Compare attributes of 2 objects using color, texture, shape, size
Compare attributes of 2 objects using  weight, capacity, height, width, and length           
Recognize concepts of time                                Identifiy penny, nickel, dime, quarter and value of each
Geometry Identifiy, draw & build triangles, rectangles & circles
Model & use directional vocabulary
Compare geometrical shapes- identify likenesses & differences              Identify and build cubes & spheres                            Identify, build and draw trapezoids, hexagons & parallelograms
Complete simple spatial visualization tasks & puzzles
Data Analysis and Probability Participate in collecting & organizing data in group activity
Describe data w/concrete & pictoral graphs
Participate in collecting & organizing data in group activity
Describe data w/concrete & pictoral graphs
Participate in collecting & organizing data in group activity
Create & describe data w/concrete & pictorial graphs
Algebra Sort & classify objects by one attribute   Sort & classify by 2 attributes
Sort & classify by 3 attributes