Spanish III Honors Course Outline


Spanish III

Course Outline



First Trimester-25%


I.  Grammar


A.  review of present tense and reflexive verbs

B.  ser vs. estar

C.  preterit vs. imperfect tense

D.  prepositions and objects of prepositions

E.  present progressive tense

F.  negative

G.  hace+time+que+S+V

H.  ordinal numbers, shortened adjectives & position of adjectives

I.   comparatives & superlatives

J.   demonstrative adjectives

K.  informal commands


II.  Writing Projects


A.  autobiography

B.  composition:  Un día típico (reflexive verbs)

C.  Cuando yo era niño/a  (imperfect tense)


III.  Literature


Latin American short stories and related vocabulary


IV.  Conversation related to grammar, culture and literature



Second Trimester-25%


I.  Grammar


A.  future tense

B.  conditional tense

C.  perfect tenses with haber

D.  por vs. para

E.  gustar and verbs like gustar

F.  direct and indirect object pronouns

G.  adverbs

H.   long and short forms of possessive adjectives



II.  Writing Projects


A. children’s story using preterit and imperfect

B.  composition in future tense

C.  Spain project



III.  Culture of Spain and related vocabulary


A.  geography

B.  history

C.  art

D.  culture and customs


IV.  Conversation related to grammar and culture above


Third Trimester-25%


I.  Grammar


A.  present and imperfect subjunctive

B.  commands


II.  Writing Projects


A.  journals

B.  compositions


III.  Literature & related vocabulary


El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha


IV.  Conversation related to grammar, culture and literature above 



Midterm Exam-10%



Final Exam-15%