Spanish III Honors Grading policy

Grading for Spanish III Honors

Señora Lee



  1. Tests 50%, Compositions & Projects 20%, Homework/Class work 15%, Participation 15%.
  1. All make up tests must be taken within one week (five school days) or a 0 will incur.  Make arrangements in advance with Sra. Lee to do so after school or during lunch.
  1. Missed homework and assignments must be turned in the day after you return from an absence.  Tests and assignments made two days or more in advance should be taken on schedule except in the case of an extended absence.  If you are on campus for a field trip and an assignment is due, you must turn it in that day.
  1. Long-range assignments (projects & compositions) will be accepted with a penalty of one letter grade (10 points) per day late up to 5 days. No late homework and class work will be accepted unless the student is out for an excused absence.
  1. Work not turned in or made up within one week or 5 school days will receive a grade of 0.
  1. Keep all papers returned to you until you receive report cards at the end of the grading period.  Keep all tests to study for the exam.  Grades will only be given to students on progress reports and at the end of the grading period since students and parents have access to grades online.
  1. Homework and class work will be checked for effort and students will receive a check, stamp, or sticker.  A record of the number of assignments is kept and one comprehensive homework/class work grade will be earned for the percentage of assignments turned in.
  1. Each grading period students will do a self-evaluation on class participation and following of classroom rules.  The grade will be either confirmed or adjusted by the teacher.
  1. According to state guidelines, Spanish III is an honors course weighted 10 quality points.  Students will be expected to perform at an honors level.  There will be no retests or test corrections in this course.  Spanish III Honors is a graduation requirement of Woods Charter School.
  1. Promptness and class attendance is encouraged.  A record of tardies and absences will be recorded.  Points will be deducted from class participation for tardies or time missed from class for locker or restroom visits.  Restroom and locker visits should be made during break, lunch and class changes.