Student evaluation method

Student evaluation method:  Total points system = total points assigned divided by total points earned equals the student's grade.   The student's assessments are broken down in the following way;

AssignmentPoint value per quarterDescription
Quizzes10 - 20 points eachQuizzes are short and usually occur weekly. They are used to evaluate the students short-term progress and to modify instruction as needed.
Classroom assignmentsPoint value announced at the start of each assignment. Classroom work will average approximately 200 points each quarter. Activities, investigations, readings, discussions.
Homework10-20 points each, approximately 10 each quarterApproximately 15 each trimester.
Main Lesson Book100 pointsStudents are expected to  maintain evidence of  their work and academic progress by maintaining a portfolio that will be evaluated at the close of each term.
For 8th grade only, Competitive Edge Unit Tests50 points eachThe Edge Unit  test will be a diagnostic test to assess the student's progress on the state standards. They are intended to communicate to the student and family how much of the content they have mastered in preparation for the end of the year exam. These quizzes are in the student's possession. They are an evaluation of their independent effort on their homework.  They may be re-taken for mastery.