Tips for Success

Success in Learning Spanish!

  From over 30 years experience teaching Spanish, I would like to share my tips for success.

In Class

1.  Complete all assignments and participate in all activities.  Even if you are confident that you know the material, practice only results in improvement and retention.

2.  Volunteer to answer or write on the board.  Do not worry if you make a mistake.   Chances are someone else has made the same mistake.  This gives us the opportunity to discuss the problem and learn from our mistakes.

3.  Always formulate the answer in your own mind if someone else is responding.

4.  Make up work missed due to excused absences within a week.

5.  Ask questions if you do not understand.

6.  Schedule time to make up work or get extra help.

7.  Listen!

8.  Speak Spanish!

At Home

1.  Look over your class notes every night.  Spend 20 minutes minimum on Spanish each night.

2.  Begin preparing for a test days in advance-as soon as it is scheduled.  Do not wait until the night before.

3.  Study actively-not passively.  That means say the words out loud, write them down, make flashcards or study guides and use them.  Have a friend, parent or sibling help you study.  When possible practice with take home tutors or recommended websites.

4.  Use your Spanish every opportunity you get outside of class: at work, with friends, playing sports or at a grocery store, restaurant or bank.

5.  Some things must be memorized, so work on them each night.  Tape your study guides to the bathroom mirror and study while brushing your teeth.